Lonesome Dove Ranch Homeowners Association
2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

The annual meeting of the homeowners association was held on July 16, 2016 at the town office in
Ennis. A notice to all property owners was sent well in advance of the meeting with proxy voting
instructions and forms. Proxy voting forms were returned by the following: Gaughn, Montfort, Fucchini,
Shifflett, Riggs, Ford, Black, Spielman, Mellows, Collins and McClincy. Those receiving proxy votes were:
Shirey (2), Behar (3), Hardeman (2), Straszewski (1), Schroeder (1), Cutshaw (3).
Those seeking office and/or responding via the forms sent out in the mail were: Glen Schroeder
(Director); Tom Hardeman (Director), Craig Shirey (Secretary). All of the current Directors were in
attendance except for Glen who was out of town and Phil Hammond (did not respond to the RSVP

Art Behar called the meeting to order and noted those in attendance and the number of proxy votes
that were tallied gave a quorum. Phil Hammond was not in attendance nor did Art receive a Treasurer’s
Report, therefore a treasurer’s report was not provided.
New Officers – Those seeking office were: Tom Hardeman – Director, Glen Schroeder – Director and
Craig Shirey – Secretary. Voting was unanimous for all candidates. Craig was instructed to update the
“Statement of Officers” to reflect the new officers. The Directors were to select a new President – Glen
Schroeder was nominated and approved.

Roads – For the 2nd year in a row there were no expenses for snow removal thanks to the efforts of Paul and Art and the absence of any really bad snow storms. However, given the long range forecast for this winter of above average snowfall and just the amount of time (we’re due) Art recommended keeping a reserve of $5,000 for snow removal expenses. Paul commented that with his snow blower he is able to do most of the snow removal and the blower tends to prevent drifting.
Some roadwork prior to winter was recommended namely fill in the low spots where snow often
accumulates. Irv Johnson suggested that a small section be selected and repaired to determine if the
actions taken would be sufficient. If so, then repair to a larger portion could be warranted. A motion
was made to put $2,500 into the repair of the worst section of road prior to winter and leave $2,500 for
snow removal early in the winter prior to next year’s dues being collected. Tom Hardeman, Glen
Schroeder and Paul would coordinate this. The motion was unanimously approved.

Sanitary facilities during home construction – The Directors had received a complaint from the Mellows
that there were no sanitary facilities at the home being constructed next to them. A general discussion
ensued. Most construction sites install portable sanitary units prior to construction starting. Cost is
fairly inexpensive ($50 per month). There is nothing in the CC&Rs addressing it therefore it isn’t enforceable. During the review of a property owners construction plans a suggestion could be made to
have a portable unit available until the plumbing is completed.

Late Dues – Art commented that without a Treasurer’s Report he didn’t know where we stood on
collection of the annual dues. Craig provided Art with a statement from our accountant that was dated
in March. The statement showed a total balance due of $2,652.48 with the largest single outstanding
amount being $1,102.48. Paul commented that that property owner is often away for long periods of
time but does eventually pay. (Secretary’s note – A more recent “Customer Balance Summary” obtained
from our accountant showed a total amount due of $1,863.74 as of July 21, 2016).

New Business – Craig brought up that he had been contacted by a local realtor wanting to know if
property owners could rent their property. John and Pat said they were considering building small units
on their property to rent out as was currently being done and asked can it be done or was it allowed.
Paul commented that according to the covenants it was not allowed because it would be considered
‘commercial’. Art provided a lengthy discussion on the renting issue through the internet and the
problems it was causing in CA and that it currently was unresolved. Bev Gross stated that if it made any
difference she was only going to be renting her place for 5 weeks. Following the general discussion,
John and Pat said they weren’t going to build anyway