Lonesome Dove Ranch Homeowners Association
2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

The Annual Meeting of the Lonesome Dove Ranch Homeowners Association was held in Ennis, Montana
at the town office meeting room on Saturday July 8, 2017. Meeting announcements were prepared and
sent to all property owners well in advance of the meeting. In addition, a ‘proxy voting form’ was
included with the meeting notice to allow those unable to attend to identify who would be serving as
their proxy. The meeting was called to order promptly at 2 pm by President Glen Schroeder. The agenda for the meeting was distributed to all attendees and introductions of all those in attendance followed. Owners of 15 properties were in attendance and 13 owners had identified proxies for voting purposes, thus a quorum was established.

Secretary’s Report – Contact information for all property owners has been a problem. Area title
companies have been provided a form to be filled out and returned by new property owners requesting
their contact information including addresses, primary contact person, phone number and email
address. All of the contact information is updated and forwarded to the HOA’s accountant so that the
annual dues notice can be delivered. Recent Property Sales – Five property sales occurred recently. Those properties in section 27 included the following lots: 27, 29, 31 and 18. Lot 27 in Section 35 was also transferred. The accountant noted that dues for one of the lots sold were delinquent. Glen made a motion that the delinquent dues be forgiven and that amount be removed from the record books. The motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report – The amount of delinquent dues was discussed. In July of 2016 the amount of
outstanding dues was $1,863. In July 2017 that amount had been reduced to $875. Glen made a
motion that if dues were late for more than two years that a lien be placed on the property. The motion
passed. The weed treatment was going to be approximately $700 to $800 and the Home Owners Association would reach out to the county for reimbursement. ACC Report – There was no new construction proposed for the near future. Most existing construction
is well underway and no new building applications had been received. Roads – All of the roads were inspected and maintenance determined. Low spots would be addressed
as well as some of the side roads. There was a general discussion regarding road maintenance, vehicle
speed issues and future planning. Old Business – No old business

New Business – Short-term rentals. Realtors have been put on notice by President Schroeder that the
HOA had determined that short-term rentals were not allowed by the existing CC&Rs. A written letter
was hand-delivered to each of the real estate agencies in Ennis. Re-Max ‘had an issue’ with our
determination. John Nichols encountered someone who appeared to be ‘casing’ properties. Pat added that someone was taking pictures of homes. Art Behar stressed the need to contact the Sherriff’s office or State Trooper if suspicious activity is observed. A licenses plate number would help during a follow-up
investigation. The idea of a gate at the entrance to the ranch was thoroughly discussed. There was a general concurrence a gate would keep out unwanted traffic. Glen volunteered to look into possible costs of a code-activated system and report to the HOA for future consideration. A neater array of post office boxes at the entrance to the ranch was discussed. A design was reviewed
and there was unanimous approval. The Directors agreed to build and install one. The landscaping at the entrance was in need of some TLC. One of the spruce trees was broken and in
need of pruning or replacement. A motion was made and approved to replace the damaged tree(s).

Footbridge of the Storey Ditch – It was suggested that a letter be sent to Sam Chicol regarding the
construction of a footbridge over the Storey Ditch. Craig was asked to prepare a letter. A picnic table overlooking the valley at the easement overlook site was discussed. Kathy LaClair
volunteered to further investigate and received unanimous approval. Discussion Items: CC&Rs – Some of the language in the current CC&Rs is vague, confusing and in need of
refinement to clarify. Glen and the Directors suggested forming a committee to review and identify
areas that were in need of revision. With no further issues, the meeting was adjourned.