Lonesome Dove Ranch
HOA Annual Meeting Minutes
July 27, 2019

President Glen Schroeder called the meeting to order at 2 pm. Introductions went around the room
with the following property owners in attendance:

Glen and Jean Schroeder              Dave LaClair       David and Laurie Bales   Craig Shirey

Paul and Julia Straszewski             Tom and Paula Hardeman            Rhonda and Laney Cutshaw

Andrew and Matthew Chicol       Bill Mead Frank Murphy               Art Behar

Steve Shifflett                                Trudy Hammond

Secretary’s Report – The meeting announcement and proxy forms had been sent to all property owners
well in advance of the meeting. In addition to those property owners in attendance, 16 proxy ballot
votes were returned and a meeting quorum was achieved and noted. The meeting material also
requested contact information changes, agenda items, volunteers for officers, or committees. As a
result, there was only one agenda item requested and there were no volunteers for any position or
committee. Overall, there was a relatively poor return of RSVPs and proxy ballots. It was suggested that
this information could be sent and returned electronically for a cheaper and better response rate.
Only one new property transfer was noted with Lot 28 of Section 27 being transferred to Brad Terrell
towards the end of May.

Treasurer’s Report – Glen Schroeder gave the Treasurer’s report in Phil Hammond’s absence. The
current balance is $18,700 with all annual dues returned and no outstanding balances. The annual
expenses for the year totaled $15,392 and detailed summary was given. No significant increases in
routine expenses are anticipated for the upcoming year and an increase in dues is not warranted.
Architecture Control Committee – Only two plans had been submitted and they were approved.

Old Business – Our new accountant is Christy Lyons who prepared the HOA taxes.

Mail box platform has been installed and is well used. An addition was necessary and there is additional
room for expansion if necessary.
Dust control measures such as magnesium chloride treatments were investigated but none were found
to be acceptable. Dust will continue to be an issue for those living adjacent to the main roads until
drivers adhere to slower speeds.

Gate at the entrance – contacts with a professional installer indicated that an electronic gate at the
entrance would be very expensive ($25,000 to $27,000); too much for the HOA. The need for the gate
currently does not justify the cost. A power source is not readily available. Most problems occur during
the elk hunting season. The issue was tabled.

Weed Spraying – The occurrence of weeds was noted along the right-of-way. Weeds will be treated
including thistle and knap weed. Rocky Mountain will be contacted to do spot spraying where

New Business –

Road Maintenance – Roads needing maintenance were noted. Some issues were noted with the
previous company’s performance and cost. Titan will be approached for a bid to do the roads this year
as well as Matson. Dave LaClair will meet with David Clark of Titan. Some extra funds are available for
road maintenance as a result of the ‘in-house’ snow removal. All roads will be worked on.
Snow fence and other recognition – Tom Hardeman recognized those who helped install the snow
fence which aided in the snow removal efforts, the installation of the mail box system, and other HOA
efforts: Paul, Jessie Conner, Andrew and Matthew Chicol, Dave LaClair, Jay Cronner, Steve Shifflett, Cathy LaClair, Craig.

Fiber Optics – Fiber optics will be installed throughout the Ranch by November of 2020. Route maps
will be sent to each owner showing proposed plans. Engineers have been circulating though the ranch.
CC&Rs – Covenants were updated and most of the proposed changes were approved; 7 of 9. Penalties
were not approved and a change in the number of votes to amend was not modified. Amendments
were updated on the website.

New Director – Dave LaClair was installed as a new Director so Cassidy can step down.
Package drop-off – Craig will look into the feasibility of a package drop-off station to reduce delivery
service travel on the roads.