Lonesome Dove Ranch Homeowners Assoc.

2021 Annual Meeting Minutes

Call To Order – Dave LaClair called the meeting to order promptly at 3:00 pm on July 24, 2021. 

Introductions of Property Owners Present (Name, Section, Lot(s)) – All in Attendance

Everyone attending the meeting introduced themselves and identified their property section and lot number in order to determine if there was a quorum. 

Introduction of Directors – Dave LaClair, Cassidy Strasewski, Tom Hardeman, Phil Hammond, Dave Black and Secretary Craig Shirey.

Dave Black is a new Director, serving a three-year term, replacing the position of Paul Strasewski. Cassidy Strasewski will fill the other open position and continue for another three-year term.

Proxy Forms Returned – Craig Shirey summarized the results of the meeting announcement, change of address, and proxy forms that were mailed to all the current property owners.  In the future, the meeting notice and annual dues notice will be sent electronically.  The number in attendance, combined with the 11 proxy votes totaled 32; more than enough for a quorum. 

Secretary Report – Craig Shirey gave the Secretary’s Report.  The LDR Homeowners Assoc. remains in ‘Good Standing’ with the Montana Secretary of State with the required reports submitted and taxes filed with both the State of Montana and the IRS.  The ranch has seen a lot of property transfers in 2020 and thus far in 2021.  There were four (4) properties that changed hands in 2020 and at least 6 in 2021 with several sales pending settlements.  There are currently 25 homes on the ranch and one under construction. 

Treasurers Report – Phil Hammond gave the Treasurers Report.  The balance sheet is included in these minutes.  The HOA is currently in a good financial position.  The Association was able to purchase a large piece of equipment to help maintain the roads.  The majority of funds each year are typically spent on the roads.  An additional expense this year was the retainer fee for a lawyer representing the HOA.  Additional anticipated expenses include the insurance policy and weed treatment along the roads. 

Web Site – Dave LaClair commented about the HOA website and encouraged everyone to view the site and if they had any suggestions or things to add they should contact Matt Chicol who is maintaining the site for the HOA. 

Road Committee Report – Dave LaClair gave a summary of the work that was done on the roads within the ranch during 2020.  Overall the main road (Lonesome Dove Road) is in good condition with only isolated rough spots.  The side or ‘spur’ roads need the most attention.  They cannot be graded and can only be covered with new material.  The HOA’s road planer has worked well where there is enough surface material to work with.  Without the cost hiring a road grader it is hoped that we will be able to purchase upwards of 40 loads of material next year to spread where needed the most.  One of the homeowners asked if they could have a section of their road maintained at their own expense.  Everyone agreed there was no concern with that. 

New Business

  • Architecture Control Committee – Paula Hardeman stated that there is an unavailability of local builders due to the housing boom throughout the valley.  Currently one home is under construction.  Dave LaClair brought up the issue of ‘earth tone’ colors that are acceptable when submitting building plans.  The CC&Rs state that only earth tones can be used.  The color pallet of earth tones varies depending on where you look.  A color pallet has been selected and was suggested that it be used by the ACC when reviewing building plans. This pallet was approved by the Board and will be available on the website.
  • Weed treatments – 3 Rivers Communications, the company that installed the fiber optic lines this past year, will be treating weeds on the areas that their equipment disturbed during the construction.  Additionally, the HOA will hire Rocky Mountain Weed and Pest Management to treat all of the roadways and was done in 2020 and previous years. 
  • Penalty for violations of the CC&Rs – During the recent changes to the CC&Rs that were voted on by the members of the HOA, a move to establish penalties for violations of the CC&R’s was defeated.  It was recommended that the HOA move forward with another attempt to approve a penalty schedule for violations.  Dave LaClair proposed some penalty values which increased from a warning of a violation in writing to levels of financial penalties.  Issues concerning past violations were discussed and it was generally thought that the proposed amounts were not enough. 
  • Mail Boxes – Dave Black has witnessed passersby stopping and checking those mailboxes at the entrance that do not lock.  A locking box is more secure but some homeowners may want to consider renting a box at the Post Office.

Old Business

UPS – FedEx Drop Box – At the 2019 meeting it was suggested that the HOA look into providing a drop box at the entrance for package delivery to reduce use of the roads.  It was determined that the number of deliveries and the size of the boxes would probably require more than one box and it would end up increasing the amount of vehicular traffic, not reduce traffic.  This is not a viable option. 

Entrance Gate – An electronic gate at the entrance to keep out unwanted visitors especially during the hunting season is too expensive for the Association to consider at this time. 

Meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Lonesome Dove HOA

Revenues and Expenses Jan. 1, 2020  – Dec. 31, 2020

Balance Forward                                                                                              $4,876

Revenues                                                                                                            $14,167

Expenses                                                                                                             $15,214

12/31/2020 Statement Balance                                                                 $3,828

Expense Details

Tax Returns Prep                                                                                              $353

Weed Treatment                                                                                             $973

Roads                                                                                                                    $12,280

Insurance                                                                                                            $1,180

Attorney                                                                                                              $0

PO Box Rent                                                                                                       $76

Snow Plowing                                                                                                    $200

Misc                                                                                                                       $153

Interest/Service Charges                                                                              $0

Total Expenses:                                                                                                $15,214

Lonesome Dove HOA

Revenues and Expenses

Jan 1, 2021  June 30, 2021

Statement Balance                                                                                  $3,828

Revenue                                                                                                              $13,825

Expenses                                                                                                             $10,424

June 30, 2021 Statement Balance                                                              $7,229

Current Balance 7/21/21                                                                               $7,126

Expense Details:

Roads                                                                                                                    $8,029

Attorney Fees                                                                                                   $2,000

Misc (HOA filing, Fed Tax Filing, Website, Mailings,etc                     $395

Total Exp.                                                                                                            $10,424