Lonesome Dove Ranch
1-Cassidy opened meeting being only board member remaining with all others previously resigning.

2- Laney Cutshaw called out roll call of all members present and on web cam. 28 members responded
being present and web cam.

3-Cassidy gave names of possible new board members.
Peter Darius
Pam Chicole
Mike Monfort

4-Prior to election someone asked if there was a quorum Cassidy replied yes.

5-Steve Shifflett stated potential board members must be voted on by membership.

6-Cassidy presented each candidate for board
Peter Darius all in favor say yes
Majority in favor
Pam Chicole all in favor say yes
Majority in favor
Mike Monfort all in favor say yes
Majority in favor
All three voted in as new board members. Laney Cutshaw thanked new board members for their
willingness to serve.

7- Steve Shifflett motioned when new board meets they open board for new candidates to fill open slots
to have at least 5 members and report back to membership within next 30-45 days. Jesse Conner
seconded motion . Voted motion carried.

8-There were open discussions from members but with no data or information present to address
questions Cassidy could not respond . Must wait until new board meets and presents back to
membership at next meeting to address them.
At this time the members that were connected via a Webex meeting were disconnected and unable to
re-connect or hear the meeting.

9- There were discussions regarding a budget for 2022-2023 but there had been none prepared. Steve
Shifflett made motion that new board create budget and present back to membership when they
present new board nominees next 30-45 days. . Shelia Storch seconded motion, members voted motion

10-There were further comments from membership addressing issues that could not be answered.
Some got heated and Cassidy responded that she officially resigned effective immediately. The
membership thanked Cassidy for her service on the board. Mike Monfort being only newly elected
board member present presided over meeting.

11- There were several comments and concerns by membership presented but without any previous
board members present they could not be correctly addressed.

12- Steve Shifflett made motion that the board has a spending limit of 500.00 for expenses outside
budget without approval from membership. Motion was seconded by nearly everyone present it
seemed. Members voted motion carried.

13- Road maintenance was a consistent concern of all in attendance. Suggested from membership that
side roads be of major concern and be addressed to areas that have not received gravel previously.

13- Membership continued discuss issues when things settled Steve Shifflett motioned we adjourn.
Laney Cutshaw seconded. All in favor, meeting adjourned.
Recorded By Steve Shifflett