Architectural controls are not meant to limit your individual creativity, but rather to assure that the integrity of the original community design is preserved.  Our community regulates the changes you make to the outside of your house.

Before you hire a contractor or buy materials, check your Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R’s) and the Architectural Guidelines.  You may need to seek design approval from the Lonesome Dove Ranch Architectural Control Committee (ACC), as well as a building permit from  Madison County.

You should allow at least thirty (30) days for the approval process.

The Two-Step Approval Process:

Step One: Submit the request to the ACC Committee for its review.

Your Associations’ Architectural Control Committee must review your modification request to assure that it meets the local guidelines as set forth in our local CC&Rs and Rules.

The ACC reviews these request as they arrive, and they should contain four (4) copies of the following information:

  • Building Application Form [Word] [PDF]
  • Drawings or sketches that clearly indicate the scope of the modification.  Indicating its location on the house or property, and its scale.
  • Sample of materials to be used with final colors (if applicable).

This information will be used in the ACC committees review. Failure to provide this information will only delay the approval process.

Step Two: Obtain a building permit from Madison County.

When making any architectural changes to the home.  All construction must meet the requirements of the ACC and Madison County.  If a building permit is required, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain that permit once the building or modification request has been approved by the ACC.

Right to Appeal:

In the event that your request is denied by the ACC, you have the right to appeal their decision to the Board of Directors.