Lonesome Dove Ranch – HOA

Directors Meeting – July 21, 2021

The Directors of the Lonesome Dove Ranch Homeowners Association met at 5:30pm on July 21 to discuss the upcoming annual meeting and possible agenda items.  In attendance were: Cassidy Straszewski, Dave LaClair, Phil Hammond, Tom Hardeman, Dave Black and Craig Shirey. 

The annual meeting is to be held at the Blue Moon Saloon in Cameron on Saturday, July 24 beginning at 3:00 pm.  All homeowners were notified of the annual meeting via mail which included a RSVP, contact update and proxy form. 

The Homeowners Association may be faced with possible litigation regarding one of the property owners concerning the CC&Rs and the associated fees should that occur.  Property owners may be faced with additional charges to cover legal fees.  Since this is still an active case or issue, the details should not and will not be discussed at the annual meeting. 

Treasurers Report – Phil indicated that the HOA is in a good financial position to meet the expected costs for the remainder of the year including the HOA’s insurance policy and weed spraying.

Roads – The Directors anticipate there will be much discussion during the meeting regarding the roads within the Ranch.  The HOA has purchased a piece of equipment used to help maintain the roads by in-house volunteers.  This greatly reduces the costs of some of the road work.   Lonesome Dove Road, the main artery through the ranch is overall in good condition with only some isolated rough spots.  The ‘spur roads’ (Staggers, Hippie, Olliffe and Neely) all suffer from rough areas of exposed rock which cannot be graded; they can only be covered with material, graded and compacted.  The amount of roadwork that can be done this year will depend on available funds. 

Architecture Control Committee – The ACC has recently been faced with issues concerning what is considered an ‘Earth Tone’.  The CC&R’s identify that only ‘earth tones’ can be used on the exterior.  A pallet of what are acceptable earth tone colors needs to be discussed and determined to avoid costly changes during or following any construction.  

Property transfers – 2020 and 2021 have been very busy concerning property sales.  Four (4) properties changed hands during 2020 and five (5) have occurred thus far during 2021 with several more due to close in the near future. 

Weed treatment – Rocky Mountain Weed and Pest Management Control should be contacted and have road weed treatments done.  The cost last year was very reasonable. 

Old Business Issues

Fiber Optic installations were completed December 2020.

Mail boxes – There is still some room at the entrance for a few new boxes should a homeowner wish to do so.  Dave Black reported seeing unlocked mail boxes being opened by outsiders early in the morning on occasion. 

UPS / FedEx Drop Box – Consideration was to be given regarding have a drop box at the entrance for the UPS and FedEx to reduce travel on the roads within the Ranch.  This is not feasible and would actually increase the amount of travel on the roads.

Lift gate at the entrance – Some homeowners were interested in having a lift gate at the entrance to prevent unwanted ‘visitors’ from entering the ranch.  The HOA cannot afford a lift gate at this time.